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Design and development of video games to advertise a brand, product, organization, or idea.

What is Advergaming?

The term “advergaming” is derived from the fusion of the words “advertising” and “game”; so it can be defined as the practice of creating video games to advertise a brand, product, organization, or idea.

The IGDA (International Games Developers Association) defines it as: “the use of games to spread advertising messages, drive traffic to websites and achieve brand awareness”.

Advergames are basically video games developed by organizations in order to achieve different marketing objectives, which can range from brand-building actions such as brand awareness, recognition, or predisposition towards the brand, to bringing visits to the brand’s website, and generating market research, among others. Advergames allow brand loyalty as well as the development of exchange relationships with customers.

Why make an advergame?

It will help your business to convey a message in an easier way, which will make the customer always learn, inform, or knowing something new while having fun playing.

With an advertising game, you can reinforce your brand image, create databases with information about users, build a dialogue with your customers, and show yourself to your target audience as an innovative company that is always up to date with technology and its advances.

Together with other characteristics of video games, advergames provide the main advantage of customizing the video game to the brand (institutional colors and typographies, characters or mascots, among others) and to the marketing communication to be disseminated; everything will depend on the objectives sought and the experience to be provided to users.

What benefits can I get?

  • Savings in advertising costs.
  • Increased exposure time.
  • Greater reach and acceptance.
  • Integration of the brand with the video game.
  • The virality of your brand.
  • A community and not only customers.

DemosDo you wish to implement any Advergaming project?

Enter our Showroom and meet our mascot Kryso. He will show you a series of game mechanics demos, which can be adapted for your Advergaming project.

Are you interested in this service?

At ARGOsoft Group we can support you in the different stages of an advergaming project:

  • Conceptualization of the campaign.
  • Design (mechanics, dynamics, and direction of the project).
  • Art (characters, scenarios, and communication).
  • Programming using the most convenient engine according to the project (Unity | Godot Engine | Construct 3).
  • Publishing (for web environment or mobile app).
  • Monetization.
  • Tracking (reporting and metrics analysis).

Contact us so we can discuss your project and together we can develop the strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals.


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