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Learn about our company, our work philosophy, and relevant data since our foundation.

Who are we?


ARGOsoft Group S.A. de C.V. is a Salvadoran company formed by a team of multidisciplinary consultants with experience in different branches of digital We provide consulting services in:

We have three development cells:

    El Salvador, Central America

    El Salvador, Central America.

    Badajoz, Spain

    Badajoz, Spain.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    A ship named ARGO.

    The Myth of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the oldest myths in Greek mythology; it tells the story of Jason’s journey to recover the Golden Fleece in order to reclaim the throne that rightfully belonged to him. To do so, he had to sail from Pagas to the Colchis, which represented in those days the Greeks, to go to the other side of the world. That is why many did not look favorably on this trip and took it as an impossible mission.

    Thus, Jason decided to consult the oracle and the oracle confirmed that he should undertake the journey because the gods were with him. However, Jason understood that he could not go on this voyage alone, he needed the best ship that could be built and the best crew that could be formed.

    ARGO | The best ship.

    Jason asked the shipbuilder Argos for help, he agreed to build it in his honor they decided to name it ARGO (meaning “fast”). Among the characteristics of the ARGO we can mention:

    • It was built under the direction of the goddess Athena.
    • It had 50 oars.
    • The bow of the ARGO had the gifts of speech and prophecy because it was made of oak wood from the oracle of Dodona.

    The Argonauts | The Best Crew.

    Now it was time to assemble the best crew, for which Jason sent heralds throughout the Hellas, announcing the realization of the future expedition. To many it seemed madness, nevertheless, many men responded to the call and wished to be part of the voyage:

    • These were the best heroes, artists, and warriors of Greece. Among those who can be mentioned: The hero Heracles, the twins Castor and Pollux, and the artist Orpheus, Typhis, and Anceo among others.
    • Each one had special abilities that were useful during the expedition.
    • They were called the Argonauts. Their name comes from Argos (name of the ship) and nauts (seafarer).

    How do we apply this story?


    Taking this fantastic story as a reference, we started to incorporate into our team multidisciplinary professionals, Argonauts who will give their best to achieve our client’s goals. We are willing to go to the ends of the earth to achieve it.

    Speed, talent, and dedication are fundamental pillars of our company, to advise and solve the needs of our customers through effective and cutting-edge technological solutions.

    Relevant Dates

    August 2017

    We started operations in August 2017, with the firm objective of becoming a strategic ally for our clients.

    November 2019

    On November 2019 we established a commercial alliance with the consulting firm Altair Corp, based in Spain. This gave us the opportunity to enter the Spanish market develop different projects together and establish a development cell in Badajoz, Spain.

    October 2020

    On October 2020 we became active members of the Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador.

    November 2020

    On November 2020 we joined the Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa - CONAMYPE, under the category of Economic Initiatives Entrepreneurship.

    January 2021

    On January 2021 we launched Consultores SV, as an initiative to support professionals in the area of consulting nationwide who wish to publicize their professional profile and the services they provide.

    November 2021

    On November 2021 we established a commercial alliance with the marketing agencies UPMAKE and Verbo Agency with presence in the United States and El Salvador; with whom we have been able to develop different projects together and enter the U.S. market.

    January 2022

    On January 2022 we established a commercial alliance with the development agency WODEVA, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has allowed us to develop different projects together.

    February 2022

    On February 2022 we established a commercial alliance with Publistics marketing agency based in El Salvador, with whom we have been able to develop different projects together.

    April 2022

    On April 2022 we established a commercial alliance with the consulting agency The Next Step with a presence in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, and India; with whom we have been able to develop different projects together.

    May 2022

    On May 2022 ARGOsoft Group is ranked No. 5 in the Top"Clutch 2022 B2B Leaders El Salvador" published by

    Our Clients

    Agromarket S.A. de C.V.
    Pacific Waste Management
    Verbo Marketing Agency
    Grupo Job
    Heavenly Beauty
    Talentum Partners Latam
    Despensa Express
    Best Western Plus Terraza
    Logo MYM Asociados
    Altair Corp
    Badajoz Mágico

    Technology used

    React Native
    GODOT Engine
    Construct 3

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    ARGOsoft Group

    ARGOsoft Group S.A. de C.V.

    We are a Salvadoran company formed by a team of multidisciplinary consultants with experience in technology and digital marketing.

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    Address: Centro Profesional Perlex, 81 Avenida Norte, No. 333, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador.

    PBX: (503) 2519-6477
    WhatsApp: (503) 6162-2833

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