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Advergames Demos

Juego: Invertir Gravedad

Invert Gravity (Platforms)

Help Kryso to get all the coins, modifying the gravity as needed.

Juego: El Laberinto Antigravedad

Antigravity Labyrinth (Platforms)

Move through the antigravity maze, indicating to Kryso the route to follow.

Juego: Lanzamiento de Cañones

Cannon Launching (Platforms)

Help Kryso make his way using the cannons to reach the exit.

Juego: Tuberías Transparentes

Transparent Pipelines (Platforms)

Help Kryso escape by moving through the transparent pipelines.

Juego: Esquivar Autos

Car Dodging (Driving)

Dodge all the cars in front of you to cover as much distance as possible.

Juego: Rompecabezas

Piece Together (Puzzle)

Help Kryso to form the puzzle by dragging each piece to the corresponding area.

Juego: Memorizar Tarjetas

Memorizing Cards (Puzzle)

Help Kryso find the pairs among the 12 cards that have been placed on the table.

Juego: Ataque Espacial

Space Attack (Spaceships)

Earth is under attack, help Kryso pilot his ship to save humanity.

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