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Corporate Identity

Distribuidora SENSU
Distribuidora SENSU

What did we do?

We worked on the conceptualization and design of the corporate identity of Distribuidora SENSU.

The project included the design of its logo and the design of a series of support elements, which are described and regulated in its corresponding corporate identity manual.

The origin of the name and its corresponding isotype comes from the Japanese word SENSU (扇子), which refers to folding fans, thus alluding to the diversity of products the company distributes.

About Distribuidora SENSU

Distribuidora SENSU is a Salvadoran company that specializes in the distribution of necessities for stores, businesses, and companies, among which we can mention: Deodorants, toothpaste, bath soaps, detergents, softeners, sanitary pads, toilet paper, super glue, surprises for boys and girls, disposables, free distribution medicines.

Their mission is to be the reliable link between quality brands and their customers, providing a diverse range of essential products that improve the quality of life and meet everyday needs.


Corporate Identity


El Salvador, C.A.

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