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Pacific Waste Management

What did we do?

We designed and developed an institutional website for Pacific Waste Management.

This website has a One-page Website structure and has a responsive or adaptive behavior, so it can be displayed properly regardless of whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

It also has a content management system (CMS), which facilitates the process of updating the contents of the website, thanks to its intuitive interface. Additionally, the contents have been optimized in order to achieve better positioning in search engines.

About Pacific Waste Management

Pacific Waste Management is a company of young Salvadoran professionals and entrepreneurs, dedicated to the collection and transportation of solid waste on a large scale nationwide.

Its services are classified as follows:

  • Transportation of solid waste in gondolas.
  • Solid waste collection.
  • Design, construction, and management of transfer plants.
  • Cleaning of corporate buildings and buildings with high pedestrian flow.
  • Household collection of difficult access and municipal sweeping of solid waste.

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