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What is Link Juice?

The term Link Juice would have a meaning in English as “link juice” or “link juice”, and it is an SEO technique used to distribute the authority of the URLs of a website (page authority or page rank) through internal links.

What is Link Juice for?

Link juice has two basic objectives or functions:

  1. Its main function is to transfer authority (Page Rank) to your domain or content pages, thanks to links, references, and mentions in social networks (if the link juice has been done correctly, of course).
  2. Likewise, it serves for something as useful as redirecting the visitor to the home page (thereby improving web usability), or to other related content in order to get them interested in your publications on a regular basis.

What is “Page Rank”?

It is important to understand that Google categorizes websites by domain authority (domain authority) and page rank (page rank).

Each of the URLs of a website has a unique page rank. Depending on the page rank of a URL, it will opt for higher or lower positions among the search results.

This value is between a number from 1 to 100 (1 being the minimum authority and 100 the maximum). Therefore, the more authority a web page has (or page rank), the more likely it is to be positioned on the first pages of Google.

How do you get a higher Page Rank?

In short, page authority is achieved through links. That is to say, the more websites linking to a website (both externally and internally), the more authority it will get.

With the above-mentioned two types can be distinguished:

  • The external link juice: In the case in which links to other pages or external URLs are included in the contents of the website.
  • Internal link juice: When this technique is applied to transfer authority between the internal URLs of the website.

This means that it is not only about working the external links of the website; but with the internal links of our own website, you can “manipulate” the page rank of all the URLs of the site, and it is just this practice that is called Link Juice strategies.

In this sense, if done correctly and properly applying Link Juice to a website, you can optimize the page authority or page rank of the same so that it will have greater chances of getting good positions in search engines.

Basic tips to apply Link Juice

  1. Priority should be given to the home or start page of the website: This page is usually the one that receives the most links from other external web pages and, consequently, the one with the highest page rank. That is why you should take into account and consider sharing all that potential with other internal URLs.
  2. Reciprocal link juice to the home page: You can feed back the cycle by transferring authority in a reciprocal way. That is to say, linking also from the internal pages to the home page, so that this one has an increasing domain authority.

Elvis Castaneda

Elvis Castaneda

Digital Technology Consultant | Digital Project Manager | Consulting and Training | Gamification and Advergaming project design.

He has 16 years of experience in marketing, administration, and project management for the design and development of websites, custom web systems, mobile apps, advergaming, and gamification. Course facilitator and university professor, in subjects, focused on web design and development.

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